5 Reasons Your Child Should Play Handbells!

Everybody knows that I love handbells. In addition to the obvious opportunity to reduce stress, hone mental and physical dexterity, hone problem-solving skills and build community, I wondered if there was actual research to illustrate some of these positives. Sure enough there is quite a lot*.

Did you know that:

  1. Middle and high school students who participate in instrumental music score higher than their peers on standardized tests?
  2. High school music students score higher on SAT’s in both verbal and math than their peers?
  3. Elementary school students who learned fractions in music based lessons scored 100% higher than those who learned in traditional ways?
  4. Music majors are the most likely group to be admitted to medical school?
  5. Music training helps “underachievers”?


Have I inspired you to find a handbell ensemble for your child. Go to handbellmusicians.org and click on the “About” tab. Select Areas and find your state for a list of people to help you in your quest. While you’re at it, find an ensemble for parents, too. You’ll have a wonderful experience and build a common connection with an activity your child loves.


Happy ringing! Ellie

* American Music Conference website, http://www.amc-music.com/research_briefs.htm


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